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CFBS Spring 2013:  Landscape with Boxwood, Chinzan Azalea and Rock Workshop -- Guest Artist Arthur Joura, curator of the bonsai collection at The North Carolina Arboretum, Asheville, NC

Arthur Joura attracted a full house for the bonsai demonstration.

Work begins on the landscape.

Boxwood and azaleas with thyme, hosta and rock...

Trimmed to complement each other...

Michael won the landscape. Congratulations!

Saturday found these trees and plant sculpted into landscapes.


CFBS Autumn 2012:  Club Member Trees in Bonsai Expo 2012, Asheville, NC

We made it to Bonsai Expo 2012, congratulations everyone!

Acer buergerianum, trident maple - by Stephen

Ulmus parvafolia, Chinese elm - by Mary

Ficus nerifolia grove, willow-leaf fig - by Charlie

Juniperus procumbens, Japanese garden juniper - by Owen

Schefflera arboracola grove, dwarf umbrella - by Blaine

Ficus nerifolia, willow-leaf fig - by Christen

Variegated bougainvillea, paper flower - by Mary

Bougainvillea, paper flower - by Ro


CFBS prior year awards:


Spring 2009: CFBS started the bonsai year with a display of bonsai trees at the Wilmington Garden Show in February.

We took home a blue ribbon!

Left side of the display

Right side of the display


Fall 2006:  The CFBS participated in the 2006 Bonsai Expo at the North Carolina Arboretum in Asheville, NC.  The show was held on October 14 and 15, 2006.  The club won the Curator's Award for Most Creative Display. 

View of full display which featured 10 bonsai trees, 3 small spotlights and background music.

Award certificate. Congratulations Jon and Ken on a job well done!

Close-up view starting from the left...

...Left of center...

...Right of center...

...Right side.




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